Customer service and Return Policy

– All items for sale are tested before they are listed and put in stock and they are guaranteed to work, however if there is a problem with the item we are here to help.

–  There are no returns if the item is purchased by mistake. For example, mistake of the buyer on purchasing the item from one lens/camera model described in the listing,  (same as is described on the listing pictures and listing description), and not fitting the buyer lens/camera model because is not the same model that the buyer has in is possession, ( pictures will be required as proof to confirm that  the part sold and received was the one on the listing and the lens/camera model that the buyer as) Please be sure to order the correct part for your equipment before you purchase any item. (see several pictures, please read the description carefully all models are well identified to avoid errors)

– If the item arrived damage due to mail transportation, pictures of the damage will be asked as proof ( both of the part received and the old part that was needed to replace)

– All parts sold have a warranty sticker do not remove the warranty stickers, if you remove it we can’t accept the return and cannot refund you.

– The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs if the problem is not fault of your servicies.

– If the buyer is outside European Union  there are no returns accepted at all.

– We refund the buyer later we have check the item and guarantee that its the item  sent by us and that is in the same condition when it was sent.

– Returns are only accepted if the returned item is the same that was sent and is not working for the fault of our services.


Before shipping item, we take some photos of the item we sent, with warranty seals stickers and marks in some zones of the part right next to the buyer order request with the date, name and street address.

When returned the item received, we will take VIDEO for whole return package opening processes.

If not our original item, directly report to Police to get confirmation and upload to Paypal the police complaint. Paypal will accept Police confirmation as evidence.

The related account will be backlist.